Saturday 21 June 2014

Nostalgic: Bai Tang Gao / Steamed White Sugar Sponge Cake

As a kid, I loved Bai Tang Gao as it's sweet and soft! :) Only recently did I realize that the coffeeshop near my place sells this. But because it gets sold out by, say, 8am, I didn't know they stocked it in the past. :D

The early bird catches the kueh (in this case).

Google 'Bai Tang Gao' and you will find over 3 million search results, including recipes! 

I spotted the brown sugar version being sold at the coffeeshop the other day, but it was sold out when I tried to get it today. Oh well. 

I have a couple of questions though:

1) Why is Bai Tang Gao sold in a triangular shape? Why not a square or rectangle?

2) What is the name of the brown version, in Mandarin?

3) What are the origins of this Bai Tang Gao? 

One website states that Bai Tang Gao is "one of the oldest Beijing snacks" and is originally from "cantonese cooking". [] Do we have any idea who invented the Bai Tang Gao? :)

If you have the answer to any of my questions, leave me a comment or drop me a note! :D

Update: I HAVE found the brown version, but the lady selling it calls it 白糖糕 anyway. (@_@)

I think I enjoyed the brown version more, though. 

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